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In this week’s issue, Burkhard Bilger writes about the ongoing effort to explore what may be the deepest cave in the world, located in Mexico—“a kind of Everest expedition turned upside down”:

In this video, the cavers scale slippery walls, swim through frigid water, and make camp in a cloud forest, as Bilger narrates:

Photograph by Marcin Gala.

Spelunking is some of the coolest shit ever! I’ve always wanted to try it. Go get em boys! There still are places left unexplored.

"Ladies of the Lakes"

Photographer: TheAstralCity

Performance: DanceCircus Presents “Surface Tension”

Premier Saturday April 12th, 2014 @ Danceworks Milwaukee for tickets

"Fire on the Water"

Photographer: TheAstralCity

Model: Melanie Wher

Performance: DanceCircus Presents: “Surface Tension”

Premier Saturday April 12th, 2014. @ Danceworks Milwaukee for tickets



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Wisconsin’s largest metros are surprisingly dense

New Smart Growth America report determines that Milwaukee and Madison top the charts in terms of density and work-home connections.

  • Milwaukee is one of the most “compact and connected” large metros in the U.S
  • Madison is the most “compact and connected” medium-sized metro.

(h/t The Dish)

So what does this mean? Well that Milwaukee is actually more compact for our population overall than cities like Chicago and LA. Yet we for some reason we still make do with just buses for mass transit. Wow.

This is an accurate representation of how Generation Y markets to Baby Boomers.



by Ira Chernova


It’s like that with Jason

As a photographer, I love this series. I love her destroyed makeup, I love his hair, I love the fact that it leaves so much to the imagination and most of all I love the genuine nature of it.

It may be posed, it may be polished and intentional, planned to the supreme detail, there may be an entire crew just behind the camera, and may have taken hours to get just right. Or it may be just those very right moments.

I can’t tell.

I can’t separate the story and the work, and that is why I love this so damn much.

I am in a relationship with two olives, a dash of brine and five ounces of wonderful dry gin. It’s complicated to make it work, but when we all come together it is bliss.