Proudly Brought To You By What Our Childhood Said The Future Would Be

Here’s to you Kodak! As we quickly approach their bankruptcy filing, it’s a sad day to be sure.  The first camera I ever owned was a Kodak Instamatic Graffiti in neon orange (it was from 1988) and used the dreadfully-awful 110 film, which was one of Kodak’s innumerable ways to make photography affordable and easy for the average consumer.

Let’s also not forget the Kodak disposable, we’ve all used one and many a drunken birthday has been recorded on the little black and yellow things. The inevitable question the next day, when nobody can quite piece together what happened: do you risk taking it in to be developed? The answer was always, and embarrassingly yes for us.

Finally for all of my fellow professional, or hobbyist photographers, the brilliant and ubiquitous Kodachrome 64 slide film.  This is what our portfolios to art school were submitted on before digital was everywhere, as well as being the massive bulk of our color film archives.  Not to mention how our parents attics are all full of thousands of these little slides.

So here’s to you Kodak, you introduced me to photography and I have never found a better love in the art world.

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